Course Information

A Level 3 Nail Technology course is the perfect start to your career as a Nail Technician. Throughout the course you will learn the essential skills and knowledge that can be transferred to various job roles within the beauty industry. This course is designed to ensure you are aware of all health and safety procedures for yourself and the client before, during and after nail application as well as perfectly applying both gel and acrylic nails as well as nail art and design techniques.

“If your looking for a place in Manchester to study for your future career this is the place. The tutors a are amazing people! Lovely friendly professional beauty academy. Would recommend MIBA 100%.”
– Nina Annie

This course provides you with a fully equipped nail kit which you will receive in various stages throughout the course (subject to funding, assignments and attendance). Your kit will be needed for every session to complete all practical work.

Course Content

  • Working with colleagues within the beauty related industries
  • Monitor and maintain health and safety practice in the salon
  • Client care, communication, service and promotion within the industry
  • Application and maintenance of nail enhancements with the use of electrical files (gel and acrylics)
  • Airbrush design for nails
  • Design and application of nail art
  • Nail enhancements and advanced hand and nail art techniques

*Course content may change subject to awarding body

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Weekly Classes

Classes run Monday – Friday with slots of 10:00-15:00 OR 18:00-21:00.

The course can take up to 23 weeks, your classes will involve both practical and theory work, with hands on support and guidance from your tutor throughout. Each week you will work on different topics for your course and will need models throughout the course.

Tutor Support

As well as support based in our classrooms, your tutor is also there for you throughout the week. MIBA prides itself on building relationships with all learners.

We have a support group in which you can seek out advice from your tutors, as well as receive/give support and inspiration to fellow learners.

Portfolio Work

Throughout the course you will be building your own portfolio through means of practical and theory work.

Your tutor will help you build evidence for your portfolio, including giving you knowledge for theory, and allowing you to develop and implement the skills to collect practical evidence.

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MIBA works with The B2W Group to secure Advanced Learner Loans Funding for our courses.

You will apply for an Advanced Learner Loan of £3,345 to cover course fee for Level 3 Nail Technology through MIBA.

An up-front cost isn’t required for this course. Find out more about Advanced Learner Loans for Nail Technology through the Government website.

We ask that learners are committed to attendance, communication and dedication throughout the course. You will be expected to practice and revise in your own time as well as attending weekly sessions. A good standard of English is also required to successfully complete a course with MIBA.

If you have any further questions on funding, childcare, travel, parking etc. then please refer to the FAQ’s.

Please contact us with your name, number and what course you’d like to enrol on.

Once you have chosen the correct course, we will invite you in for enrolment on site with us where you will complete the sign-up documentation then we will issue you with the learning and funding information letter.

You are most welcome to come for a tour and to discuss the courses in more detail.

As part of your course you will receive an NSI kit with the following:

(Kit contents may change due to suppliers)

(Kit contents are to be replaced by the learner if empty, used, lost, damaged)

  • Glass Dappen Dish with lid
  • NSI Glaze ‘n’ Go (UV enhancement sealant)
  • Acid-free nail primer
  • Fill line eraser
  • Brush-on tip Adhesive
  • Nail powder 40g (Totally Clear)
  • Nail powder 40g (Radiant White)
  • Nail powder 40g (Sheer Pink)
  • Nail powder 7g (Purely Pink)
  • Nail powder 7g (Radiant Pink)
  • Nail powder 7g (Extreme Pink)
  • Nail powder 7g (Radiant Pink)
  • Nail powder 7g (Purely Pink Masque)
  • Spa Nail liquid- Aroma free formula
  • Nail pure plus (Cleanse, Dehydrate and Protect)
  • Brush Cleaner
  • NSI Sani-pure
  • NSI Cleanse
  • White Dura-tip nail tips (Sizes 1-10 50ct)
  • Clear Dura-tip nail tips (Sizes 1-10 50ct)
  • Nurture Oil • Files and buffers
  • Platinum form free-forms
  • Nail tips box with 150 natural tips sizes 1-10 Sculpting Kit (UV Gel System)
  • Builder French pink gel
  • Builder Clear gel
  • Builder Sheer pink gel
  • Radiant White Sculptor gel
  • Finish Clear gel
  • Balance bond acid-free gel primer
  • Cleanse
  • Nail pure plus
  • #5 Touch tip (Oval) Brush
  • Balance clear UV gel forms
  • Sculpting instructions and cautions
  • NSI bag
  • Lint-free pads


What you need to purchase to complete kit:

  • Cuticle nippers
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Tip cutters