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Child Care

Q. How long are the sessions?
A. Day classes are between 10am-3pm and evening classes are between 6pm-9pm. 1 day a week attendance onsite.

Q. Does MIBA have a creche?
A. No, unfortunately we do not offer a creche service here at MIBA.

Q. Will I receive any child care vouchers?
A. No, unfortunately we do not have these available for the learners.

Q. I am interested in studying at MIBA, but I’m struggling with childcare?
A. The advanced learner loan for learners aged 19 and over does not fund child care costs, however you can apply for a bursary loan on the student finance website or contact the “Jobcentre” for any help towards this.


For the latest information please visit

Q. Will my financial status affect my Advanced learner loan application?
A. No, there are no credit checks and your eligibility does not depend on your income. Eligibility depends on the course, college/training provider, your age and nationality/residency status.

Q. What do I need to apply for the Advanced learner loan?
A. Either a valid passport or birth/adoption certificate.

Q. When will I have to pay my Advanced learner loan back?
A. When your income is £21,000 or above after the course completion. If your income is £21,000 or above during or immediately after the course completion; payments will be taken from the following April after the course is completed.

Q. How will I make payments to student finance?
A. Payments will be taken directly out of your wage along with your tax. Payments are calculated on 9% of your salary.

Q. Will I pay interest on my Advanced learner loan?
A. Yes, you pay interest from the time your first payment is made until you pay your loan back in full.


Q. Do I need to purchase a uniform?
A. No, we ask that you wear suitable black clothing and  closed toe flat shoes.

Training Centre

Q. What’s your address?
A. 1 North Parade, Parsonage Gardens, Manchester, M3 2NH

Q: How can I get there?
A: The nearest train stations are:

  • Salford Central Train Station (7-minute walk to MIBA) 
  • Victoria Train Station (10-minute walk to MIBA)
  • Manchester Piccadilly Train Station (17-minute walk to MIBA)

The nearest metro link stops are:

  • Market Street (9-minute walk to MIBA)
  • St Peter’s Square (11-minute walk to MIBA)
  • Deansgate-Castlefield (15-minute walk to MIBA)

Q: Do you have parking facilities?
A: MIBA does not have any parking facilities.
There are various pay-and-display parking facilities locally. Please read the car parks latest information on rates as the below information is subject to change at any time:

The Deansgate NCP car park (1-minute walk from MIBA) offers an early bird rate if you arrive before 9am and pay only £5.50 for up to 12 hours.

The Arndale car park is available for £4.50 for 12 hours of parking if you park between 9am and 6pm or an evening rate of £6 if you enter after 5pm and covers you all night till 6am the following morning. This is available with the Park Pass available to students on (please contact us for the code needed to get your Park Pass)

Any other car parks:

  • Manchester King Street West, M3 2WY (3-minute walk to MIBA)
  • Salford New Bailey M3 5EN (5-minute walk to MIBA)
  • Manchester Spinningfields M3 3BE (3-minute walk to MIBA)
  • Manchester Printworks M4 2AF (6-minute walk to MIBA)

Enrolment Process

Q. Can I enrol and apply for the funding online at home?
A. This may vary subject to the funding provider. Enrolments are done onsite at MIBA as you will be required to complete paperwork.

Q. How long will enrolment take?
A. 1-2 hours.

Q. What will I need do when I enrol?
A. You will need to complete a Mathematics and English assessment so we can see your level of ability. Complete an enrolment pack with your personal and course details.

Q. What do I need to bring to enrol?
A. A valid passport or birth/adoption certificate.

Q. Can I bring my child(ren) to enrol at MIBA?
A. You can, however we advise you find child care due to the concentration needed as we have no facilities available for them to access.

Course Options

Q. Can I complete two courses at the same time?
A. You can, however we do not want learners to over load themselves. The courses require time and homework to be completed and practice at home. It may not be suitable or appropriate for all learners, putting extra pressure on top of home and/or work life. We want you to get good at one course then add additional courses at the appropriate time however we will not hold you back.

Q. I have no previous qualifications in my desired course option, does this matter?
A. No, anyone can do the courses. We just ask for our learners to be committed and dedicated to the course, staff and college.

Q. Does MIBA offer courses at the weekend?
A. Yes, there are weekend courses available which run at select times throughout the year, contact us for more information.


Q. Will I get a break?
A. The day session learners will be given a 30-minute break around lunch time. The evening session learners do not receive a break. However, you can have water breaks and toilet breaks.

Q. Does MIBA have food available?
A. No, we do have kitchens available to the students for refreshment.

Q. Are there any local food/shops?
A. Yes.

  • Manchester Food court (6-minute walk from MIBA)
  • McDonalds (St Ann’s Square) (5-minute walk from MIBA)
  • Greggs (2-minute walk from MIBA)
  • Tesco Express (2-minute walk from MIBA)
  • Subway (2-minute walk from MIBA)
  • And many more local/independent cafes and restaurants within walking distance.

Q. Does MIBA have somewhere I can eat my lunch if I bring it to the session?
A. Yes, we have a student area where you can sit and have your lunch or go before the session begins. There is also the gardens at the front of the building with benches.


Q. Will I need models for my course?
A. You may need a model, you will be given more information on your first day and you will practice on other learners whilst learning.

Q. Will my model have to pay?
A. No

Assignments and Assessments

Q. How will the course be assessed?
A.  You will be assessed on your behaviour, client care, communication, assignments, practical observations and work sheets.

Q. Do I need a computer at home to complete assignments?
A. Yes.

Q. I don’t have a computer at home?
A. We have student laptops available onsite at MIBA. You would be welcome to arrange with staff to come in on your days off to use them.

Q. Do I need to print my assignments off?
A. Yes, you need to provide paper copies to your tutor.

Q. I do not have a printer at home, can I use one onsite at MIBA?
A. We do have a printer in reception, we do charge 20p per black/white sheet print and 30p per colour print sheet.

Q. What is a practical observation?
A. The tutor will observe and assess your practical work and treatment.

We do expect you to practice each week to improve your confidence and quality of work. For any additional support and advise you must speak to your tutor.


Q. Do I need to attend every session?
A. Yes, we ask that you make a full effort to attend every session to learn to gain the qualification.

Q. What if I cannot attend a session due to illness or child care issues?
A. We ask that you contact your tutor directly to inform them of your absence. They may send you work or assignments to study at home to keep you updated and ask you to attend an alternative date.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all students onsite at 1 North Parade. PLEASE READ.
In the event of a student failing to attend the confirmed course, or complete the course for any reason other than the unlikely event that the course is cancelled by the Centre, (for example: personal problems, illness, change of mind, relocation, pregnancy, illness or death in the family, change in personal circumstances, failure to obtain a visa or a loan/funding etc.) no refunds of fees or deposits will be made and no entitlement to a later date course will be granted. Fees are non-refundable if the course is interrupted or cancelled through an act of God or terrorist act.
All deposits for courses, masterclasses and workshops are non-refundable or transferrable.
All fees quoted attract and are including VAT (UK Government Tax) at the current rate. All fees must be received by the centre without deduction, therefore any overseas/UK bank charges will automatically be added to the final balance payable. Educational courses are not exempt from VAT nor can VAT be claimed back by overseas students.
Students will not be accepted on the commencement date unless the stated fee has been made or an application for funding has been submitted.
Students are required to attend on the first day of their course/module, at the time stated from the Centre. Failure to attend the first day of your course/module without prior communication, may result in your place being forfeited.
You must have a minimum of 80% attendance. Failure to meet this requirement, without prior communication, will result in you being withdrawn from the course.
You are required to be dedicated and committed to the course with regular practice and completion of assignments at home.
Classes will commence promptly at the stated times, irrespective of whether all students are present. Classes will not be delayed to wait for latecomers. Tutors are not responsible for repeating work missed. Latecomers may be requested to wait until a suitable break in teaching before entering a class. Class hours can be varied at the discretion of the Centre without prior notice.
The Centre will be closed on all UK public holidays. If a public holiday falls during your course, no extra days will be added to your course or reduction in fees given.
Paying for and/or attending a course does not guarantee a qualification, diploma or certificate of achievement. Awards of achievement are gained by the successful fulfilment of the criteria set out by the various awarding bodies.
Time off for official religious holidays, booked holidays, planned weddings, medical appointments etc. must be discussed and agreed upon enrolment. We recommend that all absence be avoided where possible.

Students making arrangements for payment of course fees through overseas banks must ensure that either the fees, or proof of payment from their bank, accompany their application form. Please quote the full name of the student wishing to study and desired course.
Please adhere to the Centres uniform policy at all times. Shoes should have a closed toe with no heel. This is to conform to safety regulations.
All courses are taught only in English. All students are therefore required to have a good command of the English language, both written and spoken.
It is not the responsibility of the Centre or individual Tutors to provide additional teaching hours for students to ‘catch up’ on education missed due to lateness or absenteeism for whatever reason.
All course contents and fees are subject to change without any prior notice to students at the discretion of the Centre.
Failing to attend a course without giving the required written 48 hour notice will result in your deposit being forfeited.
The Centre reserves the right to change any of the course’s content, course materials, Tutor, training and assessment days.
Courses may be mixed sex groups. If you have personal or religious reasons where you require training in a same sex environment only, please discuss this on course enrolment.
All students are required to disclose any medical conditions at the time of enrolment, which will be dealt in the strictest of confidence. Some conditions may impede ability to participate fully within a course. An important part of training is to deliver and receive treatments.
Adjustments will be made to accommodate medical conditions where possible and practical. A medical certificate may be required in line with our insurance obligations. Where students are unable to receive treatments for medical reasons, a model may be requested to be provided by the student.
It is the responsibility of the learners’ to ensure clients are available for assessments. The centre will on request advertise for clients; however it is the learners’ responsibility to ensure that suitable clients are available.
All courses must be completed within the original time scale. Any learner whose account goes into arrears will have all training suspended until the account is brought into credit.
Students can apply for discount cards with leading beauty wholesalers and cosmetic brands however we accept no responsibility and have no control over individual student eligibility or ability to acquire these discounts. We make no guarantee over eligibility and this is at the discretion of the individual supplier / wholesaler.
Your certificate will be claimed from the awarding body (VTCT or City & Guilds) only once you have successfully completed all course work and assessments and have been confirmed as fully complete. Certificates can take up to 12 weeks to be issued by the awarding body and released from the training provider.
These conditions form the main part of the contract between the Centre and the student.

If any student behaves in a way that would dishonour or bring a negative impact on the Centres reputation including any form of cheating during an assessment/exam, damage caused, theft, under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances, will be asked to leave immediately and have their place on the course forfeited.